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Demonstration by monoclonal antibodies that carbohydrate structures of glycoproteins and glycolipids are onco-developmental antigens. Nature Glycoconjugate J. An appreciation of Elvin A. Kabat : Scientist, educator and a founder of modern carbohydrate biology. Kabat, E. The molecular weight of antibodies. New York: Academic Press. Springfield, Ill.

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The paucity of species-specific amino acid residues in the variable regions of human and mouse Bence-Jones proteins and its evolutionary and genetic implications. Structural Concepts in Immunology and Immunochemistry. New York: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston. Getting started 50 years ago—experiences, perspectives, and problems of the first 21 years.

A tradition of international cooperation in immunology. The molecular weights of antibodies. Science Kaiser, and H. Preparation of the type-specific polysaccharide of the type I meningococcus and a study of its effectiveness as an antigen in human beings. Wolf, and A.

Rapid production of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis in rhesus monkeys by injection of brain tissue with adjuvants. Heidelberger, and A.

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A study of the purification and properties of ricin. Glucman, and V.

Early Years

Quantitative estimation of albumin and gamma globulin in normal and pathological cerebrospinal fluid by immunochemical methods. Wu, and H. Evidence indicating independent assortment of framework and complementarity-determining segments of the variable regions of rabbit light chains. Delineation of a possible J minigene.

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Wu, H. Perry, K. Gottesman, and C. Sequences of Proteins of Immunological Interest , 5th ed. Bethesda, Md. Lewin, R. Long-awaited decision on DNA database. Lloyd, K. Immunochemical studies on blood groups. Mage, R. Immunochemical studies on dextrans. The specificities of rabbit antidextrans. Further findings on antidextrans with 1,2- and 1,6-specificities. The combining regions of the type III pneumococcus polysaccharide and homologous antibody.

Biochemistry Marcus, D.

objectifcoaching.com/components/michigan/rencontre-joueuse-wow.php In Memoriam. Elvin Abraham Kabat, September 1, June 16, Paul, W. Elvin A. Kabat Rosebury, T. Bacterial warfare. Schlossman, S. Specific fractionation of a population of antidextran molecules with combining sites of various sizes. Sehgal, D. Schiaffella, A. Anderson, and R.

Generation of heterogeneous rabbit anti-DNP antibodies by gene conversion and hypermutation of rearranged V L and V H genes during clonal expansion of B cells in splenic germinal centers. Wang, D. Liao, D. Mitra, P. Akolkar, F. Gruezo, and E. The repertoire of antibodies to a single antigenic determinant.

The publications list of Elvin Kabat contains more than citations. Chemical studies on bacterial agglutination. The identity of precipitin and agglutinin. A quantitative theory of the precipitin reaction. The reaction between crystalline horse serum albumin and antibody formed in the rabbit.

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Quantitative studies on antibody purification. The dissociation of antibody from pneumococcus specific precipitates and specifically agglutinated pneumococci. An electrophoretic study of immune sera and purified antibody preparations. Gutman, D. Moore, E. Gutman, and V. Fractionation of serum proteins in hyperproteinemia, with special reference to multiple myeloma. Heidelberger and M.

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Moore and A. Bence-Jones proteinemia in multiple myeloma.