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NPL's ground-breaking work has overcome the limitation of diodes based on bulky magnets, by using light stored in tiny chip-based glass rings to form a diode.

They transmit electric current in one direction but block the current in the backward direction. Diodes are essential components of nearly every electronic circuit and are used, for example, in battery chargers. The novel technique was created by sending lots of light into a microresonator — a glass ring on a silicon chip, about the width of a human hair — and harnessing the circulating optical power to generate the diode effect.

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Jonathan Silver, Higher Research Scientist at NPL, explains: "To create the optical diodes we used microrings that can store extremely large amounts of light. The light intensities enable the formation of a diode via a light-with-light interaction called the Kerr effect. This is very important, for example, when using the diode to protect chip-integrated laser diodes from back reflections.

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Recommended Electronics Books. The micromouse competition is to build a small mobile robot that can solve a standardised maze.

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This "maze solving" contest was designed to challenge graduate electronic engineers. Not exactly electronics related but it could be used to design a computer controlled micromouse for example. Quick BASIC has a quick, eacy implementation of an idea without worrying about de-referencing pointers and other rubbish. BAS readme.

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Download all files as a WinZIP file: maze. The Pascal Programming Language.

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Named for a famous French Mathematician , Physicist, and Philosopher , who invented a simple mechanical calculating machine among other things. DO Also has passed local variables to procedures.